Our understanding of pretty much everything depends on the perspective from which we view it.

Having a right perspective will usually lead to a right understanding. The opposite is also true.

As humans, we can only have one perspective about everything and that is our own personal, intellectual and usually selfish perspective.

As born again Christians, we have the opportunity to see our God and Father’s perspective also. This is because our God and Father has deposited His Holy Spirit into us and we’re no longer merely human. The Creator of the Universe lives inside.

As born again Christians, we now have this war going on inside of us, between our human nature and the Holy Spirit. Our human nature is fighting to keep control of our minds and the Holy Spirit is fighting to win control of our minds. Whichever one is in control at any given moment will determine our perspective of whatever we’re face with.

As born again Christians, our HEART’S DESIRE should be for our Savior’s Holy Spirit to be in control  at all times, so that our perspectives are always Father’s perspectives,  This is what it means to be Spirit filled and Spirit led.

Father’s foundational perspective of saints is that He bought us with the blood of His Son; our Lord Jesus and we no longer belong to ourselves or the devil. We are His to do with as He chooses. He can allow anything into our lives that serve His purposes and / or brings Him glory. He owns us wholly: spirit, soul, body and mind. We have absolutely no rights at all to claim or demand, except what He gives us.

The reason that there is such a colossal mess among saints today is because Father’s foundational perspective has been set aside or rejected. This is why so many saints fail to understand Father’s command to: “love Him with ALL your heart, soul, mind and body”; “whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do ALL to His glory”; “in everything give thanks”; “give thanks always for ALL things”; and “ALL things work together for good, to those who love Father and are called for His purposes”.

Too many saints have allowed our evil, wicked, mean and deceitful human nature, to trick us into accepting a religious form of godliness that denies the power of Father to enable us to live the life of Christ Jesus our Lord in the Earth. That deceitful human nature has too many saints thinking that the greatest display of Father’s power is miracles, signs and wonders; that the life of Christ that we’re to emulate is when our Lord was doing miracles, signs and wonders.

The best earthly display of Father’s power working in a human body is when the world sees someone who looks like them, but doesn’t act like they act; doesn’t think like they think; and doesn’t desire what they desire. Instead, they have this unfailing desire to do nothing; to want nothing; and to think nothing except what pleases the one and only true God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is time for saints to stop using the usual excuses for not being true to Father and Lord Jesus. It is time to stop quenching and grieving Father’s Holy Spirit with our lust and disobedience. Why do we continue to use ‘being human’; ‘being fallen’; ‘being in modern times’; ‘being in varying cultures’; ‘it’s going to take a long time’; and the like, when Scripture plainly tells us that we’re no longer mere humans?

These excuses ARE our denial of the Power of our Awesome God and Father. These excuses get people off of our backs and allow us to continue in our powerless form of religion. We’ve convinced ourselves that the day in which we live makes it more difficult for the Holy Spirit to do in us, what He did in the Foundation saints. These excuses are just that: excuses.

Let Father be true and every man a liar. If our deceitful human nature be God, then continue serving it (which also means serving the devil); but, if Father be God, then serve Him. It’s a simple decision. Choose to decrease so that Lord Jesus can increase. We’re dead; He lives; It’s His life not ours. Let us set all of our affections on Lord Jesus. Let us desire above all else to know Him and share in His suffering, that we may learn obedience the same way that He did.

The slave is not greater than his Master. Whoever we obey is our master. Is Lord Jesus your Master? Is it He that you love above all else? Would you give your life for Him? Are you one of His sheep or one of Satan’s goats? Examine yourselves to see if you’re really in the Faith.

About JohnArthur

I believe God; I'm a willing servant of the Lord Jesus Christ; I'm your servant for Jesus' sake; I'm a citizen of Heaven; I'm a saint of God.
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