Father has not left us in darkness as to what he wants from us.
He has given us in Word, what He wants: ALL our heart; mind; soul; and body.
He has given us ALL that we need to know about Himself: The Scriptures.
He has given us ALL the power we need to do what He says: His Holy Spirit.
He has given us ALL the example we need, to KNOW, that it can be done: the Foundation saints.

The Foundations saints were of ONE mind; ONE heart and had all things in common.
The fact that they were of ONE heart; ONE mind; “had everything in common”; and no one considered anything that they owned, to be exclusively theirs, is Father’s testimony to the power of His Holy Spirit to fill us and keep in check our “selfish, self centered” and deceitful human nature. Those saints are our shining example of ALL the “one another” Scriptures.

Father is not moved by all these excuses that people come up with, as to why saints “are not” or “cannot” be like the Foundation saints, because He has already shown us that He can do it. Since Father doesn’t change and He repeated His instructions so many times, we know that He still wants that same “Christ-likeness” in every one of us. The ONLY thing that can keep that from happening is US; in our refusal to be filled and led by His Holy Spirit.

Father is not impressed with all this “lip service” that we spout to each other, trying to show how spiritual we are because He knows that our hearts are far from Him. The world is not impressed either because they know us by our fruit. Our fruit is just the opposite of “ONENESS and LOVE”. They see little difference between us and themselves.

So, who is fooling who? That deceitful and desperately wicked human nature, that most saints don’t pay much attention to anymore, is doing what it does best: deceiving. It has too many saints thinking they’re spiritual; that they’re exercising power and authority over the flesh and the devil, when all they’re really doing is walking in what Father hates more than anything else: PRIDE. Let him who thinks he stands be careful or they will fall.

The demons believe and tremble. How many of us tremble?
The demons knew Who Lord Jesus Was and worshiped Him. How about us?
Satan knows, quotes and twist Scripture for his own purpose. How about us?
Everything we say and do can be said and done by unbelievers. Unbelievers feel very comfortable around saints.

The power of the Holy Spirit was so great in the Foundation saints that the “fear of Father’ was had by every saint and unbelievers. Unbelievers had great respect for the saints and didn’t dare join with them unless they were among the ones being added to the Lord on a daily basis. Where is that power today? Where is that respect? Where is that fear? Where is there a daily adding to the Lord?

It’s ALL missing because the ONENESS and LOVE of saints is missing. We’re walking as mere humans instead of Holy Spirit filled and led children of Father. Egypt (Earth, the world) is more appealing to saints than the Promised Land (Heaven). Lord Jesus is no longer our first love. Instead, we, like the god of our human nature (Satan), have become our own first love. It’s all about us and we’re trying to create Father in our image; and He “ain’t” going along with it.

When we know, individually, that we have the Spirit and attitude of the Foundation saints; and the world can see the “LOVE that we have for one another”; and unbelievers no longer feel comfortable around saints; THEN and only then, we’ll know that we are experiencing true REVIVAL. Father will probably have to use persecution to pry most of us from the grip of the world and our human nature.

Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. Test yourselves. Surely you know that Jesus Christ is among you; if not, you have failed the test of genuine faith. 2 Corinthians 13:5

But if we would examine ourselves, we would not be judged by Father in this way. 1 Corinthians 11:31

Remember then from what heights you have fallen. Repent; change the inner man to meet God’s will; and do the works you did previously, when first you knew the Lord or else, I will visit you and remove your lamp stand from its place, unless you change your mind and repent. Revelation 2:5

About JohnArthur

I believe God; I'm a willing servant of the Lord Jesus Christ; I'm your servant for Jesus' sake; I'm a citizen of Heaven; I'm a saint of God.
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